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Banana & Custard Fluffy Snow Wax 100g

Banana & Custard Fluffy Snow Wax 100g

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Dessert Anyone? A throw back to your childhood with natural banana accord topped off with a smothering of thick vanilla custard. 

Fluffy Snow Wax Is a fantastic new alternative to your usual wax melts, it's qualities are it's price and it's strength, however, it's burn times are a little less than average wax melts. 

This wax is made by coating the wax in fragrance oil as opposed to binding them both together. 

Just scoop 2-3 scoops into your burner and leave to melt as you would with any other wax melt. 

Our melts are all lovingly hand poured by us, using only the highest quality vegan and cruelty free ingredients to make up our unique wax blend. 

All of our melts are suitable to be used in both tealight burners and electric warmers. Traditional burners do give off a stronger scent throw due to the heat created by the flame, however, the throw from electric warmers is amazing too!
Please ensure you are using 4 hour tealights. Any larger tealights run the risk of overheating your burners and causing further fire risk.

Please note: Colours may vary slightly from photos. 

CLP Compliant.

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